An absolute essential component to the Makio mindset and to the way we interact, in short, it’s about accessibility. As a candidate or company you can always get in touch with us. By personal, we also mean the rapport established during each encounter. In other words, we care about our candidates. Our approach is always based on the individual candidate's present situation and we build a plan from there. Therefore, each case is individually tailored and our tools help support the process when and where they are most suitable. 

For us humility is about being humble. The opposite is also true! You can always turn things around and see a problem from another angle. Humility ensures continuous curiosity and development. It's also about preserving humility for each task and toward each person - working with people is not a routine job. We believe that we must continue to learn throughout the course of our lives. And we intend to do so properly

We want to make a difference. That takes courage.  Both the courage needed for each Makio advisors personal development as well as the courage needed to push you gently along when necessary. And the courage to take responsibility - even when it comes to difficult conversations

Our values are based on a professional approach to both companies and candidates. It is not enough to be attentive, humble and courageous. It must also be professional. We strive for sound solutions that are tailored to each individual company and each individual candidate. We hold internal status meetings to ensure quality and continuous insight into new methods, job markets and industries. Agreements with our candidates and companies are respected.

Free inspirational meeting

If you are a HR manager, and would like to hear our take on how to let people go with dignity, then book us for a one hour free session, and we will come to you.