About you - the candidate

Sometimes you are in the wrong place at the wrong time

When your company has signed an agreement with Makio, you are received as a 'candidate' because you are a candidate for a new job. Most have had the experience of changing jobs once or several times during their careers.

Companies that help their employees move into new careers want to demonstrate responsibility for their employees.

Many of us will experience that our job function has changed since we were hired. At Makio, we work tirelessly to think in new career paths with our candidates. We help you find your footing and create new routines; identify your vision of a dream job and how to find it. We are seasoned at helping you through the transition. We are the link between your previous job and your new job.

Mindset: Your next job will be the best job of your life.

You can also be a candidate with us if you and your manager decide to focus on professional career development. Or if you need sparring in your current job function. Here too our mindset is that you must create your dream job based on your own values.

You are not a 'job description with legs". You are a thinking, creative person and there is only one like you with your background, your experience and your talents. You can therefore contribute that which no one else can. It's about finding out what makes your career satisfying and from there applying that contribution as an employee. What problems can YOU help solve for your employer.

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