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How satisfied are you with the introduction to the Makio process (the first meeting with the consultant, the materials, the complete Makio setup)?
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How satisfied are you with the complete process?
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What have you gained from the intro process (competence assessment, value assessment, 360 degree feedback, success stories, DISC analysis, job targets, etc.)?
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What experiences have you had with the counselling regarding your job hunting activities (CV, network, job applications, job interviews, etc.)
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How is your experience with the communication between you and the consultant and the response time, when things had to move quickly in terms of feedback on eg. CV, applications, interview training.
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What have you been most satisfied with?
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Was something missing in the process?
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Did you gain something - during the process with the consultant - you didn't expect? If YES - then what?
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Would you recommend Makio to others in your network?
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