The Process

The right job at the right time provides sustainable solutions

It is not just a matter of being a good employee. It is also a question of being good at doing the right thing in any given situation. It’s about being in the right job at the right time and place.

A model recruitment lies in finding the ideal candidate with the needed qualifications for a given framework. Working with Makio enables you to identify your competencies, goals and values. Our goal is to ensure that every employee is matched with the right job.

Mindset: We have a common goal: your next job will be the best job of your life.

Change poses new demands - and provides new opportunities
The purpose of working with Makio is that you strengthened by the process of change and become clear about your future. Usually the process results in in a new job that is a natural extension of your former or with a twist. It can also result in the realization of entrepreneurial dreams, continuing education or planning for your senior years and retirement. We also identify where and how additional training would beneficial in order to achieve your goals in the short and longer term.

The starting point is you
Circumstances are individual and our counseling adapts to the nuances. The process should therefore be based on your individual situation. We devise a plan from this - with room for adjustments. We work with tools that provide insight while enabling you to handle future job choices. You will be better equipped to manage change that can promote the basis for a more rewarding work life in the future and transform termination into growth. In our world, this is the foundation for making job choices that last.

Personal counseling
Our experienced advisors are broad based and have ongoing contact with industry. You will be assigned a personal advisor whose starting point is based on your individual situation and current needs. Together you agree on a plan of action for the process and your conversations are completely confidential. The world is ever-changing and the plan is of course flexible and gives you the opportunity to change advisors along the way.

Free inspirational meeting

If you are a HR manager, and would like to hear our take on how to let people go with dignity, then book us for a one hour free session, and we will come to you.