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What kind of company chooses outplacement? Typically you offer an employee outplacement when your company has an history with the employee and wishes to help the employee move on with their career. At the same time you are concerned with employer branding, CSR and maintaining equilibrium, assurance and focus with the remaining employees.

Can a company or task be too small? The short answer: No!

Our approach to outplacement is that every candidate should be treated personally and individually throughout the entire process according to the given situation, the employee’s position, seniority, level of education and age.

It takes less to make a difference than most people think. Feel free to contact us in regards to any particular situation - no obligation– click here

Can a company or task be too great? The short answer is: Yes!

Our approach is based on an analysis of what can be done within the criteria of providing individualized and personal service. There is a natural limit to how many candidates we can manage at one time. That said, we are an organization with solid experience as a sparring partner on a broad spectrum of assignments and we are structured to provide the flexibility our clients need. Just ask! Click here

What if the company has several offices in Denmark or abroad? Makio has offices throughout Denmark – Copenhagen, Odense, Herning, Århus, and Ålborg – and we are experienced with delivering the same quality service across borders and around the world.

In addition, Makio is part of the international collaboration with the BPI Group which are represented in 38 countries. Together, we can deliver solutions on an international level. Click here

What if we are an international organization with staff all over the world? At Makio, all of our consultants have international experience from global companies as well as experience in consulting in different languages. We work with testing tools in every language and with materials in both Danish and in English.

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