For companies - how can you advance your employees’ career?

How can you advance your employees’ career?
As head of HR, you are in constant motion: Strategically positioning and mobilizing the right resources at the right time and place in relation to current market conditions as well as emerging business opportunities, require continual adjustments in the staff. This will result in career development plans and both internal as well as external outplacements.

When you help your employees advance in new career paths, you demonstrate professionalism and responsibility towards them - and in addition you contribute to overall social responsibility. Whether it be career development for employees you want to strengthen or in those situations when you must sever the relationship.

What do you do when you have to downsize or discharge employees?
Call it image management or branding. It’s all about creating a win-win situation for you as an organization even during the transitional, reorganization phase. It ensures that you maintain momentum as well as retain talent within the organization. You set the bar high when your goal is:

To show respect for your employees
To support and develop your leaders to deal with difficult/sensitive discussions
To generate a positive reputation internally as well as externally
To assure that your employees move forward with their careers
To establish safe parameters for the discharged employees to process the situation, foster motivation and consider new possibilities
To quickly restore equilibrium, assurance and focus with the remaining employees
To send a strong signal of social responsibility that promotes the CSR strategy

We handle big changes for employees and organizations every day
When you choose to involve Makio during the first stages of downsizing, you are already in the process of creating a smoother transition. The majority of HR people find career development a lot more fun than having to phase out employees - and rightfully so. Whether it’s the first or the fifth time, discharging someone is rarely routine. What do you do when you suddenly find yourself in that situation?

Makio is the link in the entire process
External sparring is necessary for implementing successful processes. Since 1996, we at Makio have professionally helped thousands of candidates and more the than 250 organizations through transitional phases, reorganizations and discharges. This also means that we have a strong network within both the private and public sectors. Companies and candidates alike are more than welcome in our network- just contact us!

Free inspirational meeting

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