Outplacement you can trust from end to beginning
A model recruitment consists in finding the ideal candidate with the right qualifications within a given framework.

When your employee starts with Makio, they go from being discharged to becoming a candidate for a new job. During the period between the end of the former job to the beginning of the new one, we are their constant and secure base.

“Knowledge reduces fear” Knowledge about how the job market works enables you to deal with the new challenges.

Makio outplacement solutions are designed to secure the right job in respect to each candidate’s competencies, requirements and preferences. That’s why we are present throughout the entire recruitment process. Our success criteria is based on a follow-up meeting with the candidate after 100 days in their new position to hear that they are settling in well. This also allows us to provide support with any initial challenges they may face in their new position.

It offers assurance. For you. And especially for the candidate. We don’t do the work for the candidate. Instead, we focus on enabling the candidate to navigate their way forward. Makio well equips your people with the knowledge and appreciation of their competencies and values. Together we define realistic and attractive goals. The individual candidate is better prepared to handle changes and is supported in rediscovering their engagement and take ownership for their own career in the future. This ensures that they are capable of taking responsibility for their own job choices. An insight that is valuable in the short and long term. In the Makio world, this forms the basis for a sustainable job match. See how here – link to Methods

We believe that everyone can define and obtain their suitable career. With over 15 years’ experience, we are seasoned in the field of reorganizations and discharges. We operate professionally with well-established and modern processes. Makio consultants are chosen for their depth of experience, expertise and core values. We promote an outstanding level of professionalism through internal and external activities.

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We are offering the following products:
Executive Outplacement
is individually customized counseling – indefinitely. It assure the candidate employment in a new external position or other satisfactory solutions such as entrepreneurship.

Move On is our most popular outplacement solution provides security for the company and particularly for the candidate..

Career Development - multiple studies shows a vast amount of untaped potential, almost floating around company halls.

Makio is part of a international collaboration with Carreer Star Group - a collaboration between like-minded consultancy firms in more than 100 countries..

You are welcome to contact us informally and we will facilitate contact to the relevant candidates at no cost.

Free inspirational meeting

If you are a HR manager, and would like to hear our take on how to let people go with dignity, then book us for a one hour free session, and we will come to you.