Makio Move On

Target group: Managers, specialists and employees with high seniority

Our most popular outplacement solution provides security for the company and particularly for the candidate.

The process starts directly after the termination. We are ready to receive the candidate immediately after the conversation with the manager. When your employee starts with Makio, they go from being discharged to becoming a candidate for a new job. During the period between the end of the former job to the beginning of the new one, we are their constant and secure base and are flexible in relation to their current needs.

The approach is individually tailored and is typically grounded in weekly meetings with two permanent advisors. In addition, there is homework for the candidate and contact by mail and telephone as needed. This ensures continuity and availability.

Makio’s outplacement solutions are designed to secure the right job in respect to each candidate’s competencies, requirements and preferences.  That’s why we are present throughout the entire recruitment process. Our success criteria is based on a follow-up meeting with the candidate after 100 days in their new position to hear that they are settling in well. This also allows us to provide support with any initial challenges they may face in their new position.

Mindset: The next job will be the best job of your life!

We believe that everyone can define and obtain their most suitable career
Tools are used to identify competencies and values and to define realistic goals. Both tools are attractive to candidates who want to choose their own path. In other words: What are you good at, what energizes you, what is important to you, what do you want and under what conditions?

There is always another angle - and another option. Some continue in the same type of job in the same industry, while the termination of others becomes the starting point to fulfill a dream in another job function, industry or as an entrepreneur. We get to know the candidate through conversations, DISC personality analysis, 360 degree analysis and identification of core values. Afterwards we work on the CV and personal marketing through relevant channels. We work with job interview coaching and first start celebrating when the contract is signed, sealed and delivered!

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