Executive outplacement

Target group: Top management from private and public sectors

Executive outplacement is individually customized counseling – indefinitely. It assure the candidate employment in a new external position or other satisfactory solutions such as entrepreneurship. In addition, we follow the candidate the first 6 months after starting the new job to ensure the optimal placement.

Makio provides 2 experienced advisors at the disposal of the candidate. The process begins with a personal and value analysis. The candidates biography and career are mapped out and interests, ambitions and energy fields are identified. Realistic and attractive goals are defined - and challenged.

During the process we work to identify and clarify focus areas such as: your personal leadership style, leader sparring, communication training and personal impact as well as advice from a lawyer and an accountant.

It’s not how good you are – it’s how good you want to be!

Documentation and presentation materials are prepared together with a marketing plan with emphasis on networking.

The program is implemented in an interactive process including weekly meetings with the advisor(s), preparation work and contact via mail and telephone. We provide the necessary equipment for your use and the candidate has access to our library with selected books.

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